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Automatic rights attribution, 
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Challenges of filmmaking industry

Having worked in the film creation and distribution industry for many years, JustUs founders see the following problems:

  • Accurate market data (content performance, revenue, views, etc.) doesn’t exist
  • There’s no automatic rights enforceability & auditing
  • The process of rights acquisition / licensing is very complex, lengthy and prone to errors
  • Efforts for transcoding, storage and delivery of the same content are repeatedly duplicated
  • The market is financially illiquid, which leads to high effort and high costs of asset creation
  • Filmmakers and their audiences have a hard time finding each other

We see the root cause of these problems in data asymmetry (hoards of data being collected by the top players - Amazon, iTunes, Netflix), which leads to a value asymmetry (value being extracted by the platforms who can fund and distribute content, while independent producers lack these possibilities) keeping film market illiquid, unjust and inefficient.

The industry hub

From where we stand, we don’t think the world needs yet another distribution platform. We think what is missing is an open foundation for the industry that can allow free money and data flow between participants while enabling secure copyrights manifestation, enforcement, brokerage and monetization. We think that the only viable way is to do it in a self-regulating decentralized way, so that the future of the whole industry, from studio to independant, will be in its own hands.

What do we offer

JustUs is not yet another streaming site like Netflix or Amazon. We, the founders of JustUs, come from different parts of film community and are doing it for community.

You come to JustUs deliberately and responsively; you own your content and your data. You set the rules, and you willingly and knowingly transact with the other parties on JustUs Hub (end-users, marketers, content specialists, investors, etc.)

JustUs provides technology, protocol and the money for the community to collaborate and to thrive. We value copyright and contribution and our technology employs industry-standard methods for content and data protection.

How does it work?

If you are a film producer or just happen to own the rights, you’re very welcome to join! The process is very simple and straightforward:

  • You register via our invitation [link is coming up, just email us for now]
  • You upload the content
  • We encrypt and prepare the content for distribution
  • You set end-user licenses and prices and publish the content
  • [optionally] You set referral fee
  • Every time an end-user purchases your content, you account is credited with the content price less costs and fees

Licenses and pricing

Since you own and control your content, you are responsible to setting the licenses and the prices. In order to enable the greatest flexibility, we support layered copyright and licensing structures, capable of accomodating virtually any revenue sharing / fee split arrangements. On a basic level you’ll need at least one Copyright entry and one or more License entries. Please contact us if you need more complex arrangements.

Transaction-type licenses

On a licensing side, we support the following types out-of-the-box: Pay-per-view, TVoD / rent (variable term) and EST / purchase.

Each of those transactional-type licenses can feature a fixed price (think iTunes pricing) or a flexible (or market) price, which is unique to JustUs Hub. The latter causes the end-user price to go up or down following the demand (think paying premium to be the first to watch fresh hot film, or paying a penny for 3-year old niche movie). Please be aware that flexible price model is experimental and its market acceptance remains to be tested.

Subscription-type licenses

SVoD, or subscription licensing is also possible; however these types of licenses require SVoD Operator entity to be set up in the system. Please contact us if you are interested.

Prepaid licenses and Free VoD

Those license types are not available at the moment, but are planned to be implemented in the nearest future. Free VoD licenses will require content owner to cover CDN costs (see below), platform fees are not applicable in this case.

Ad-supported VoD

We consider advertising-supported video streaming (YouTube and FTA TV business model) to be entirely different industry as compared to making films and enjoying them. However we do acknowledge that this business model eliminates the barrier for users to engage with the content, which could be desirable in some cases. We don’t support such content distribution model at the moment, however think it could be possible in future based on attention token models [BAT, etc.]. Please contact us if you have ideas in mind.

Dynamic vs. fixed pricing


JustUs is made to be the foundation for the film industry community, so we are 100% transparent on all matters, including film economics.

You own the content, therefore you are in charge. You set the licenses, you set the prices. However, you understand that there are certain costs associated with the content distribution.

Processing deposit

Per each content title you upload we charge you a processing deposit. This is a reasonable and 100% redeemable amount of money that we use to offset one-time infrastructure costs and labor costs associated with film preparation. It signifies your intention to use JustUs Hub actively, and is our insurance against the misuse of our servers, storage and human capital. Deposit amount is proportional to the content size and is equivalent to $20 per a full-length feature film. Please note that the deposit is redeemable only through generated content sales (see below).

CDN costs
$0.5 max

Once the content is up for sale and people are coming and paying for it, the content needs to be delivered to the end-user browsers, mobile devices and TVs. This is done via content delivery networks (CDNs), which typically charge per GB of downloaded content. So, each time a user watches a film, CDN provider gets paid for it. We’ve got a two-phase approach to this:

  • As we start small, we use commercially-available CDNs like Amazon CloudFront, MaxCDN, Akamai, etc. and charge a fixed cost per each view. This cost will vary depending on a film size and quality, but it will be hard-capped at $0.5 per view, which approximately offsets the cost for a full-length feature film in Full-HD quality. Accordingly, this cost will be much lower for a short film in 720p HD quality
  • As the Hub develops and grows, we’ll create a flexible decentralized CDN market by inviting fellow film lovers with extra storage capacity to participate and earn money -- an excellent way to watch the content for free!;-) Such market will drive costs down while rewarding community members -- and delivering on JustUs vision.

Just to be clear -- currently CDN costs are charged by the platform and are remitted to our provider(s). We don’t earn money on it.

Platform fee

This is our bread and butter;-) We modestly charge you 10% of the license net price and use this money to develop technology and to support the infrastructure, so that the Hub and the community can thrive.

Referral fee

Being a savvy producer, you would probably empower the watchers of your content to be its ambassadors and spread the word. To do so, you have to elect a percentage-based referral fee, that will be automatically distributed to people who shared the content to other people. This is essentially a vital part of your P&A expense for the film, creating strong viral loops through people’s social connections. We recommend setting referral fee in 5..10% range. Obviously, the fee is paid only if the purchase was made via a shared link, otherwise you’ll have it all. Referral fee percent is applied to the net price (user-paid price less the CDN cost).

Getting proceeds

As you earn money on the content, at some point of time you’ll decide to cash your earnings. We could automatically send you each and every payment we collect, however this would be subject to hefty Ethereum network transactions fees (also known as gas). Ethereum network can quite often be congested, which pushes the gas price higher (you can check the real-time gas pricing and the status of the network here -- [link to gas station]).

Instead, we offer you a way of minimizing transaction costs by accumulating your earnings in an internal account and moving them out in batches, during the quieter times of the network with lower gas prices. Once you’re ready, you can select “Sell remaining ZeenCoin” menu option and get a settlement transaction (signed by us), which you can submit to ZeenCoin Smart Contract address using MetaMask our your other favorite Ethereum wallet. Once the transaction gets processed, your earnings will be transferred to your linked account.

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