1. Install MetaMask extension (Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

MetaMask is by far the most convenient Ethereum wallet for your browser,
and it supports various test networks, including ROPSTEN testnet that we use.

MetaMask home page

Adding MetaMask browser extension literally takes one click.

Chrome extension

2. Create personal crypto vault

After accepting terms of service, follow MetaMask instructions to create your crypto-vault - a container for wallets.
Don't forget to save the pass-phrase for the vault -- you'll need it in case you'll have to re-install MetaMask.

3. Create a wallet on a test Ethereum network

IMPORTANT: Make sure you've selected ROPSTEN test network, otherwise you may lose your real Ether.

4. Get some test Ether

To get some test Ether, click BUY on your automatically created account.
You'll be taken to MetaMask test faucet, where you'll be able to get 1 test Ether to start with.

5. You're all set!

You should now have 1 Ether of test money in your wallet. Now it's time to spend it watching some great films!;-)

JustUs relies on MetaMask for communication with Ethereum

MetaMask will be used to send signed messages to ZeenCoin smart contract on Ethereum network to authorize account, buy and sell ZeenCoin.
ZeenCoin is used throughout JustUs film hub as a universal means of payment.