The future of film
belongs to everyone
JustUs is a blockchain-based decentralized foundation for the independent film industry
Made by team of industry professionals for the benefit of the whole community
JustUs is a collaborative film hub formed on a decentralized blockchain-based foundation. It enables a vast but disconnected crowd of independent filmmakers and film lovers to work together as a thriving collaborative network of equal peers, who own their rights and data and are transacting with each other in a free market as Content Owners, Viewers, Curators, Referrers and Investors via decentralized industry-agnostic protocol.

Benefits for community


  • Automatic rights attribution, 
enforceability and auditing
  • Instant profit distribution
  • Controlled film economics
  • Sustainable digital P&A campaigns


  • Fair pricing
  • Ability to profit from sharing and curating content
  • Portable licenses
  • Transparent ownership tracking


  • Transparent and accurate market data
  • Investing via smart contracts
  • Liquid market of film funding

Editors and curators

  • Power of existing audiences and social networks
  • Standards-based embeddable player
  • Guaranteed instant payouts

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology is unique in its ability to bring together the trade of filmmaking, the medium for exchange of money and the universe of digital data into a global, ethical, verifiable system. It allows secure manifestation of copyright, transparent licensing and instant guaranteed distribution of value.

Technology Test-drive

JustUs technology foundation features standards-based HTML5 video-player connected to zKeep blockchain. This allows playable video to be embedded into any website, blog, article, social network post or shared via a messenger. Every published film, program or video will feature a set of licenses ascribed to it by its owner, enabling protection and guaranteeing monetization. Any user who purchased the film can earn money by sharing it to his/hers friends and followers. Using 'SHARE' option in top-right menu creates unique link that will pay the user referral fee, as set up by the owner.

IFRAME tag below shows embedded video in the same way as it would look on any other website. Please feel free to experiment with embedding / sharing and tell us what you think.


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The Team

Leonid Belyaev

Serial entrepreneur.
 TV & VOD executive.
 20+ years in tech industry

Charles Liburd

Film industry visionary. Founder of NMNC Films


Award-winning producer. Founder of the Oak Motion Pictures


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